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We're Digital Dash Studios, committed to turning your digital aspirations into impactful realities. Get to know us and our philosophy.

Our Story

Our Journey

From Entrepreneurial
Spirit to Digital Mastery

Digital Dash Studios was founded by Corey Mack, a seasoned entrepreneur hailing from New Jersey with 15 years of experience in Business Development, Digital Marketing, and Graphic Design. Corey also successfully runs a cleaning company, serving as a real-world testament to his digital prowess. Our mission isn't just to offer services; it's to provide incredible value at honest prices, ensuring your business doesn't just survive but thrives in the digital landscape.

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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Portrait of Alexis McGowan, President of Digital Dash Studios.

Alexis McGowan


Strategic leader focused on exceeding client expectations.

Portrait of Corey Mack, CEO of Digital Dash Studios.

Corey Mack


Founder with 15 years of digital and business expertise.

Portrait of Cynthia Mack, VP of Human Resources at Digital Dash Studios.

Cynthia Mack

VP of Human Resources

HR head dedicated to team excellence and client satisfaction.

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